Speaker Bureau

Speakers are being solicited at this time to volunteer their services for the TASP Speaker's Bureau. The bureau is designed so that agencies and districts may find qualified speakers on a variety of topics and schedule a presenter for conferences or professional development programs without having to pay an honorarium. All speakers must agree to waive their honorarium for one speaking engagement per year for the TASP Speaker’s Bureau. Agencies and districts must agree to pay for the speaker’s travel expenses (e.g., mileage, meals, etc.). After speakers fulfill their one speaking engagement through the speaker’s bureau, TASP will share their contact information with interested agencies and districts with the caveat that speaker has already provided their free services to TASP and, therefore, is under no obligation to waive their honorarium.

Speakers are offering their services for the benefit of TASP and are under no obligation to agree to all speaking engagement solicitations. All inquiries for speakers will be initially coordinated by the TASP Trainer’s Representative who will then share contact information about potential speaker(s) with the interested agency.

For more information contact the TASP Trainer’s Representative at [email protected].