Research Requests Policy

TASP encourages LSSPs to participate in research to increase the knowledge base about the practice of school psychologists in the state of Texas.

When the TASP Executive Board is asked to share a survey with the TASP Membership, the study must be approved by a subcommittee of the TASP Trainers’ Committee, in collaboration with the TASP Executive Board, to be included on TASP’s research opportunities webpage; it will also be included in the TASP quarterly newsletter. Due to the high volume of requests for sharing research opportunities with TASP membership in recent years, and to respect the valuable time of our members, only approved requests will be included in the TASP newsletter and posted on the research webpage for 30 days by default unless requested otherwise by Principal Investigator (PI).

Proposals will be evaluated according to the study’s relevance to school psychology, significance to the field, consistency with TASP mission and values, ethical considerations, and completeness of the submission.

All study participation opportunities will be posted with the following verbiage: These studies have been IRB approved by an independent institution. It has been reviewed by TASP and aligns with the organization's strategic plan and goals. TASP does not endorse research and its members can make independent decisions about inclusion as research participants.

To submit an application for review and full consideration for posting to the TASP research opportunities webpage, the following information must be provided by the PI via this link:

  • Proof of PI’s TASP membership. PIs who are TASP members have no application fee. If the PI is not a TASP member, they may join TASP at the time of submitting an application OR pay a fee of $100. Graduate student PIs must include verification of their current student status (brief memo signed by an advisor or program director) and will pay a $50 application fee or join TASP as a Student Member.
  • Proof of active IRB approval (including supplemental research materials such as surveys, focus group questions, etc.)
  • Description of study (<500 words)
  • Short summary (< 50 words) to be included on the TASP research webpage and in TASP quarterly newsletter, with survey link if applicable, survey link or any direct links you would like shared
  • Responses to the following questions:
    • How is this study relevant to school psychology? Please select the NASP Practice Domain(s) into which your study best fits.
    • How do you anticipate that the results of this study may contribute to field-level impact?
    • Please briefly explain how your study is aligned with TASP Mission & Core Values

*Please note: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. PIs may expect a decision on their application within 3-4 weeks of submission.

The Texas Association of School Psychologists does not allow public access to their membership database for requests to participate in research projects by graduate students, publishing companies, and/or any other party. TASP highly values the membership’s right to privacy.