Membership List and Research Requests

The Texas Association of School Psychologists does not allow public access to their membership database for requests to participate in research projects by graduate students, publishing companies, and/or any other party. TASP highly values the membership’s right to privacy. The Executive Board has also decided not to have a space on the official TASP website for research requests. The Board felt providing a space on the website would imply that TASP endorses the research request. In addition, TASP is a volunteer organization that does not have the resources to vet and ensure research requests have gone through the necessary procedures, including IRB approval. TASP recognizes the need for people to complete research studies to further the advancement of school psychology in Texas. Therefore, TASP points interested parties towards two other sources for membership lists: the National Association of School Psychologists and the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychology.

To obtain the NASP membership list, visit the following website:

To obtain the TSBEP licensee list, visit the following website: