Welcome to the work of the Social Justice Committee. TASP created the Social Justice Committee in 2020 with the guiding principle of this committee is to promote understanding, tolerance and sensitivity among all cultural groups. The goal is to create awareness that cultural differences should not be regarded as disadvantages, deficiencies, or disabilities. The Committee recognizes that each individual is a unique human being.

Social justice is both a process and a goal that requires action. School psychologists work to ensure the protection of the educational rights, opportunities, and well-being of all children, especially those whose voices have been muted, identities obscured, or needs ignored. Social justice requires promoting non-discriminatory practices and the empowerment of families and communities. School psychologists enact social justice through culturally responsive professional practice and advocacy to create schools, communities, and systems that ensure equity and fairness for all children and youth.

“It’s a Movement, Not a Moment”

If you would like to join the work of our committee, contact our chairperson, Juliana Bershell. We will gladly accept passionate TASP members who want to work on social justice issues impacting school psychologists in Texas. We currently have 5 different subcommittees:

  • Community Outreach + Fundraising
  • Newsletter/Education Resources/Social Media
  • Event Planning
  • Diversity Scholarship/Convention Ideas
  • Graduate School