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The Executive Board of TASP adopted the following position statements in August 2014. Position statements and resolutions represent the official policy of TASP and are approved by the elected members of the TASP Executive Board.
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TASP is a professional organization for school psychologists and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology for the state of Texas. Membership benefits include, but are not limited to, discounted rates to the annual convention and summer institute. You will receive access to our newsletter that provides you with the latest information and news in the profession. Networking opportunities with professionals around the state and representation at stakeholder meetings including TSBEP and access to Research and Practice in the Schools: The Official Journal of Texas Association of School Psychologists.  

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TSBEP Proposed Rule Changes

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TASP Position Statement

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TASP urges you to voice your opinion. Please see these guidelines for communicating effectively with TSBEP.