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Licensed Specialist in School Psychology - Tyler, TX

Position Title: Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

Employer Name: Tyler Independent School District

City and State: Tyler, Texas

Date position is available: 08/09/2021

Position Description: prepare and submit legally defensible FIE reports (ED and AU) and behavior intervention plans; participate in ARDC, MDR and Section 504 meetings; assist in developing IEP for students; conduct individual counseling sessions; consult with school staff regarding individual student needs; meet with parents to discuss pertinent information and test results; consult with outside agencies and professionals regarding students; and perform all other duties in a professional, ethical and responsible manner as defined in the TEA code of Ethics for Educator and the standards or LSSP regulation board.

Number of contract days: 192

Salary Range: $49,182 (minimum), $60,150 (midpoint) and $71,119 (maximum)

Employer contact info: Chris Bell-Roberson

Chris Bell-Roberson
Coordinator of Behavioral Support Services
1319 Earl Campbell Parkway
Tyler, Texas 75702
[email protected]
903- 262-1034



Employer Name: Care Company

City and State: Austin, Texas

Date position is available: 05/27/2021

Position Description: Care company seeking candidate to supervise ISD counselors, social workers and therapists in areas with Spanish speaking residents. Candidates must have 5 years experience of clinical counseling services, at least 3 of which must be with a mental health local agency.Candidates must posses a Master's degree in counselling, social work, psychoanalysis or related area and have training background on CBT, TF-DBT, Attachment Theory and Intervention, Psychodynamic Approach and Evidence based practices.Job site will be in Austin and surrounding areas.Essential functions:Supervising ISD counselors and therapists, training staff on clinical approaches, and serving as liaison between Care company and ISDs.Interested applicants should send their CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Number of contract days: Full time

Salary Range: $70,000 to $77,000

Employer contact info: [email protected]

Antonio Almazan
Recruitment Attorney
500 6th St
San Antonio, Texas 78215
[email protected]

School Psychologist - Maxim HealthCare / Waco ISD

Position Title: School Psychologist

Employer Name: Maxim HealthCare / Waco ISD

City and State: Waco, TX

Date position is available: 04/30/2021

Position Description: Essential Duties and Responsibilities:• Completes multi-factored evaluations (initial and re-evaluations) in compliance with state• regulations with in a designated time frame• Conducts pre-referral consultation/intervention, including but not limited to: oBeing a standing member of the pre-referral team within the assigned school(s) oObserving the student(s) oServing an assessment specialist who may do any or all of the following: §Screen at-risk children for intervention §Monitor progress during intervention §Assess instructional strategies oConsults with teachers to add instructional strategies/interventions o Monitors response to curriculum modification• Serves as an instructional intervention specialist who plans intervention and individual education• Pyscho-educational assessments shall include: o Norm referenced test that measure intelligence, visual motor skills and fine motor skills oInterviews with the patient and/or individuals familiar with the patient oObservations of the patient• Consults individually, or in groups, with patients and/or parents or other personnel on matters relating to the education and mental health of the patients to ensure the development and provision of the most appropriate education program• Maintains a monthly Pyscho-Educational Evaluation log for each month of service• Reviews research in current best practice and presents recommendations to client for review and potential implementation as requested, including staff training programs on the basis of all necessary curriculum components and implements or supervises the implementation of intervention• Participates in on-going training/in-servicing related job duties• Consults with teachers and other team members on an ongoing basis• Serves as a technical assistant for the support of implementation of RTI in the assigned schools (if applicable)• Conducts an evaluation of each student assigned which shall include, but not limited to: oConducting pre-diagnostic meetings in order to determine scope and sequence of oneeded evaluations oInterviewing the student oObserving classroom behaviors oConsulting the student’s parents and teacher(s)• Reviewing the student’s academic history and current educational functioning• Conducts psycho-educational evaluations of the child’s learning process and level of educational achievement• Administers specialized evaluations specific to the nature of the child’s problems• Conducts Functional Behavior Analysis for student, if required• Helps create Behavior Intervention Plan for student, if required (consultation with team members required)• Attends pre-referral and screening team meetings in buildings assigned• Enters information regarding the psycho educational evaluation on CRT at least 24 hours prior to the extended IEP team meeting (as applicable per client/state requirement)• Participates in the extended IEP team meetings and other such procedures as necessary, including manifestation determination review meetings• As part of the team, determines the nature of a child’s problems through a full case study evaluation. When necessary, the Psychologist participates in: oParent conferences oClassroom observations oConsultations with local agencies oExtended IEP team meetings oCase follow-ups oConsultations with teachers, the other diagnosticians assigned to the case, supervisors, oand social workers• Attends PAEC meetings, completing psychological evaluation reports, and scheduling/chairing pre-diagnostic meetings (PDM’s)• Participates in other duties based on the needs of students and programs. These may include teacher in-service, counseling, screening of students (preschool, etc), parent groups, supervision of interns, research of ongoing programs, and development of new programs• Maintains client information in a secure and confidential manner consistent with client and local procedures, as well as guidelines set forth by the State and State Board of Psychology• Performs other duties as assigned/necessary

Number of contract days: 30

Salary Range: $34 - $50 per hour

Employer contact info: Cody Boomer: 512-340-9174

Cody Boomer
3636 Executive Center Drive
Austin, Texas 78731
[email protected]

lssp - Granbury ISD

Position Title: LSSP

Employer Name: Granbury ISD

City and State: Granbury, Texas

Date position is available: 08/02/2021

Position Description: The School Psychologist will provide specialized expertise/consultation in both psychology and education. The training and skills will be used to team with other educators, parents, and other mental health professionals to ensure that every child learns in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. Through the provision of consultations, assessments, team problem solving, and education, the school psychologist will give specialized expertise to assure all students have the opportunity to be successful within the school setting.

Number of contract days: 198

Salary Range: $53,000-$79,000

Employer contact info: Shelly Curtsinger

Shelly Curtsinger
Special Education Director
217 N Jones Street
Granbury, Texas 76048
[email protected]

Autism and Behavior Specialist - Highland Park ISD

Position Title: Autism and Behavior Specialist

Employer Name: Highland Park ISD

City and State: Dallas, TX

Date position is available: 07/26/2021

Position Description: Provide support and training for teachers, staff, and parents to address and manage children withchallenging behaviors.

Number of contract days: 210

Salary Range: $60,000 - $77,000

Employer contact info: Brenda West

Brenda West
Executive Director of Human Resources
7015 Westchester Dr
Dallas, Texas 75205
[email protected]

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