Evaluation Specialist- ESC Region 20

Reference: Job 726

Location: San Antonio, TX

Employer: ESC Region 20


Employer Name:  ESC Region 20

City and State where the position is located: San Antonio, TX

Date position is available: 11-7-17

Number of Contract Days: Full-time Employment

Salary: Monthly $5022.00 to $6278.00

Position Description:

JOB SUMMARY: Provide leadership related to early intervention processes, special education eligibility determination and the use of assessment data for Individualized Education Program (IEP) development and implementation. Provide training and technical assistance in the following areas: response to intervention/positive behavior supports models, bilingual special education issues, and administration/interpretation of the most commonly used test instruments.


JOB KNOWLEDGE Master’s degree required. Three years of relevant experience. Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) required. Experience as a member of an appraisal team. Experience working with students with disabilities in inclusive settings. Experience working with response to intervention/positive behavior support models. Demonstrated interpersonal skills. Experience in facilitating groups. Knowledge or experience in working in bilingual or ESL programs preferred. Knowledge of and experience in adult learning and planning appropriate staff development for adults. Demonstrate effective job-related skills that model effective integration of technology. Demonstrate competence with assisting others to appropriately integrate technology into the curriculum. Proficiency with standard functions within electronic applications such as MS Office (e.g., word processing, electronic spreadsheets) and e-mail. Proficiency with computers (PCs and/or MACs) to include desktop management, file management and operations, and working in a network environment. Exceptions to these requirements will be considered based on exemplary skills, training, and record of success.

PRODUCTS/OUTCOMES Facilitate groups in a way that builds capacity in making effective decisions regarding, instructional strategies for students with special learning needs, performance standards and measures for students with special learning needs, appropriate referrals and eligibility for special education, delivery of instructional programs in inclusive settings. Design, develop, and deliver staff development/technical assistance in the areas of eligibility, evaluation language/second language acquisition, learning styles, and brain-based learning. Serve as a liaison between clients and community resources and state and federal agencies. Deliver products/services in a timely manner. Evaluate program effectiveness. Provide technical support to districts/campuses in preparing for and responding to PBMAS visits/audits. Identify and integrate technology that supports instructional programs.

INITIATIVE Engage in learning experiences that build capacity in, designing and implementing strategies to evaluate progress of students with disabilities, planning and implementing best practices in working with students with disabilities, incorporating evaluation and instructional strategies for students with disabilities into the campus improvement plan. Use ingenuity and creativity in problem-solving. Use originality and self-reliant judgment in the development of services. Research and appropriately apply current theories and methodologies.

COMMUNICATION/HUMAN RELATIONS Demonstrate self-confidence and poise in representing the Center. Demonstrate effective oral and written communications skills. Promote and support organizational change. Build relationships with colleagues and clients in meeting shared outcomes. Promote the profession through public relations, professional development and recruitment.



ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Travel independently as required to fulfill responsibilities of the job. Function within the policies and procedures of ESC-20. Accept other responsibilities as assigned. Comply with the requirements of the ESC-20 Quality Management Systems (QMS) as detailed in the ESC-20 Dress and groom appropriately for the ESC-20 work setting. Quality Manual, Quality Procedures, and Work Instructions. Serve at the will of the Executive Director.

FUNDING The ESC-20 Special Education Program is federally funded out of IDEA-B and is implemented in compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory provisions. This position is federally funded out of IDEA-B and all duties associated with this position are allowable and allocable to the grant. Time and effort records for this position are in accordance with the requirements in the applicable Office of Management and Budget (OMB) cost principles. 


Tracey James

Human Resource Generalist

1314 Hines Avenue

San Antonio, Texas 78208