LSSP- Klein

Reference: Job 725

Location: Spring or Houston, TX

Employer: Klein ISD


Employer Name:  Klein ISD

City and State where the position is located: Spring or Houston, TX

Date position is available: 11-1-17

Number of Contract Days: 198 days

Salary: $52,866 – 76,348

Position Description:

 Provide full range of campus-based psychological services including evaluation, consultation, and counseling. Job description includes: • Provide leadership and consultation to campus problem solving teams in regards to at-risk students. • At primary grade levels, take a collaborative leadership role in conjunction with general education counselor(s) to facilitate behavioral response to intervention process for students identified as at-risk in the early intervention process. • Provide individual appraisal services consistent with district guidelines; perform the comprehensive appraisal of emotional and/or behavioral factors; and interpret accurately the results of diagnostic measures. • Prepare a written report in conformance with district guidelines, including identification of student strengths and weaknesses as well as appropriate recommendations. • Provide consultation to teachers, support personnel, parents, and community agencies concerning prevention and/or intervention strategies relating to learning and behavioral problems of students. • Assist in planning and implementing staff development and parent training programs. • Provide crisis intervention services, when requested, which are consistent with his or her areas of training and expertise. • Pursue relevant professional development and continuing education activities; conduct appropriate research as requested; maintain confidentiality in all endeavors. • Demonstrate proficiency as a member of Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committees, referral committees, and multidisciplinary teams. • Practice under qualified supervision during first year of practice as a licensee in accordance with Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP) rule 465.38(4)(iii). • Perform other duties and functions as assigned by the special education director.


Sally E. Fernandez

Special Education Coordinator: Appraisal/Psychological Services

Klein Teaching and Learning Center

4411 Louetta Road

Spring, Texas 77388